Happy eternal rain season everyone!  Might I suggest a rousing round of board games as an alternative to spending your hours trapped indoors, staring wistfully through the windows at the spot where the sun should be?  As motivation, here are a few new ones, perhaps you’ve heard of them.


Scythe is here at last, and that alone should be enough to blast away the oncoming winter doldrums.  Not only a rare opportunity to take a look at this thing called “snow”, it’ll also have you claiming territories in an alt-history Soviet bloc, building mechs, and harvesting resources to power your war machine.


Arkham Horror: The Card Game, the new expandable card game from Fantasy Flight Games, produces its own twists as a combination of deck-construction card games and narrative role playing games.  As your investigators brave the horrors of small-town Arkham they’ll grow stronger, learn to work together, and compensate for each others weaknesses.


Colony is a fresh new design from the man who brought us such favourites as One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Suburbia.  Dice are resources in Colony, and you’ll have your hands full managing their mercurial natures as you compete to build the best, most productive futuristic city.

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