Just when you thought you were safe, more games arrived to grace our shelves!

Adrenaline is a First Person Shooter in board game form, pulling in classic video game feelings like carrying tons of weapons and fast-paced gameplay.  By mashing those up with familiar board game point scoring and actions, designer Filip Neduk has created a smart, snappy game that can be taken as lightly or seriously as you like.

The Colonists showcases the kind of ambition that is being seen more and more in modern board games.  By command of the king, you’ll take on the leadership of one of your country’s first foreign colonies and micromanage its expansion over four eras of progress and development.  It’s a daunting task, but The Colonists allows you to play as many of the four eras as you like, or even save your game state to be picked up at a later session.  Fans of Uwe Rosenberg will likely see a lot to love here, as will solo gamers and euro gamers.

Hop! is an attractive and goofy dexterity game suitable for kids as well as families, in which players take turns tossing a rainbow ring and trying to land it on another person’s upstretched finger, while one or both of you has to meet a challenge like having your foot at the same level as your throwing hand, or crouching like a frog.  It’s a blast for young kids and drunk adults, which is the real metric for a successful dexterity game.

Aeon’s End breathes new life into the co-op deckbuilder genre, introducing the magical subterranean city Gravehold which must be protected from four completely different boss monsters, posing four completely different challenges.  It’s full of smart and occasionally bold design decisions, showing that the designer has learned well from previous deckbuilders.  Unique player characters, a clever “preload your damage” mechanic and never shuffling your personal deck all make Aeon’s End worth checking out for fans of deckbuilders and co-op games alike.

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