Hola folks, do you like board games?  I like board games, so let’s talk about board games.

Before we dive in, I’m pleased to report that we’ve received reprints of Stone Age, Carcassonne, Mysterium and Dixit.  Come and get ’em, we’ve got plenty.

So!  Junk Art is a crazy game from the makers of Flick ‘Em Up in which you’ve gotta stack your irregularly-shaped blocks as high as you can.  Your friends will pass you cards showing which blocks you have to incorporate, and if your tower ever crumbles you’ll have to keep building from the rubble.  Whoever has the highest tower at the end wins!

Dream Home invites you to build the house you’ve always wanted, furnish it as you like, and earn points for doing so!  At the end, you’ll grade your home based on your design decisions, how well-furnished and comfortable it is, the quality of the roof and how functional your room layout is.  Dream Home’s straightforward decisions and cute design make it easily accessible for kids, but interesting enough for adults to play as well.

Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails is the biggest and broadest iteration of the classic series yet, and it features a double-sided board so you can choose between spreading your freight lines across either the great lakes or the entire world!  You’ll have to collect different sets of cards for trains and boats, and place ports to connect your land routes to your sea routes.  It’s big, it’s attractive, and it comes with Days of Wonder’s trademark high production quality.

Ooh, this one’s exciting.  Although the reprint of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is still in the works, we’ve received the first modern expansion, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures!  Even better, you can play it without a copy of the original!  Chase down Jack the Ripper himself across four connected cases, and explore six more independent cases.  A must-have for fans of the original, and an excellent starting point for those who are interested but couldn’t track down a copy!

Conan is a big, brutal romp through a series of classic barbarian adventures, featuring a diverse cast of player characters, each with their own specialties and nuances.  This one comes with a “mature content” label, probably because it’s an uncompromising cooperative slaughterfest that evokes the feelings of the source material.  It plays impressively well, as smooth and intuitive as you could ask for, and the result is a bold, often-cinematic experience rich in exciting moments and cheers.



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