So Canada does a lot of awesome things, but did you know that we also have a healthy bunch of boardgame designers churning out awesome games? Well, I mean you probably knew that in theory given our relatively large population but I know I’d have been hard pressed to name a single Canadian developer until doing the research for this post! So I’m going to highlight three games you may or may not have known were created by Canadians!
This beautiful game was designed by Christopher Chung, a first time designer from Toronto. Place a lantern tile onto the board and while trying to match colours to earn favour and become the greatest artisan. The combination of tile laying and set collection mechanics is simple to understand but in depth enough to keep you engaged.
Montreal born Eric M. Lang is the designer of this epic Viking themed board game. A wonderfully epic game of battles and glory, the following quote from BoardgameGeek is all you need to know “The only losing strategy in Blood Rage is to shy away from battle and a glorious death!”
Two dudes from Calgary (Gavan Brown and Matt Tolman) made this awesome space mining themed deckbuilder. Now I personally am a sucker for any deck building game, but Super Motherload is top of the heap all the same. The excellent theme and clever use of boards to emulate a side scrolling video game adds to an already fun game.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


Inspired by book stores that encourage you not to judge a book by it’s cover, we figured it would work just as well with board games. Each game has been carefully wrapped in only the finest generic brown packing paper, with a tiny bit of info and a short description to lead you in the right direction. Beyond that it’s all a mystery though.

Take home one of our board games, get to know it a little better, maybe come to love it. Or maybe not, at least breaking up with a board game is a lot less messy! (Don’t worry if you already have the game, just don’t open it and we’ll happily exchange it for you)

Hello everybody! First off an important heads up. They are finally getting rid of the huge hump in the sidewalk in front of our building, which is great, it does however mean the sidewalk in front of the store is closed, likely for the weekend. The store is still open however and you can still access it, it’s just a little bit more convoluted. Be persistent and you’ll make it in though, then maybe I’ll finally have some company!

Now onto the exciting news, the new Magic set is out tomorrow. I don’t even need to talk about it too much as I’m sure you’ve all already checked out all the spoilers and everything. We’ve got lots of boosters and some fat packs, should be a good one!

We’ve been ordering a lot lately, it’s a never ending deluge of awesome new games to get excited about. But I’m running out of clever things to say about it, so I’m going to have to go meta and talk about how I can’t think of what to talk about. Yup, onto the list of new games!

imag1000 Scotland Yard: It’s been so long since I’ve played this game, man it’s sure bringing back a lot of awesome memories. Hunt down and catch the elusive Mr. X before it’s too late and he escapes forever.
index Space Cadets: You and your crewmates are fresh out of Space Academy and excited for your first mission. Work together in this fast paced real time game to save the day.
TheRivalsForCatan_1_1024x1024 Rivals for Catan: A two player card game variant of Catan. I was very impressed by this game, it manages to capture much of the feel of regular Catan while adding some new intriguing mechanics. And 2 players! I keep a copy in my backpack at all times cause you never know.
ThreeCheersForMaster Three Cheers for Master: Your Evil Master is down in the dumps, he’s already conquered all the lands and is bored, and when the Master is bored, the minions suffer. Thankfully, you’ve got a brilliant idea, surely a cheerleading competition can’t fail to cheer the Master up! Build the best cheer tower of minions to impress the Master and win in this… oddly adorable game.
pic1961827 Castles of Mad King Ludwig: A neat game by the guy who did Suburbia. A tile placement game in which you attempt to meet the whims of the mad King Ludwig in building an elaborate and extravagant castle.

Whew! Just as I finish up with one big order today, another big one comes in. But hey, that means lots of new exciting games to post about. This list is a long one! I wonder if we’ll ever slow down on bringing in new stuff? I hope not, this job would be a lot less exciting! Without further ado, the list:

dominion adventures Dominion Adventures: I looove Dominion and this is the first expansion that’s come out since I started playing the game and I’m lucky cause it’s amazing. I’ve only played a few games but I can tell this is going to easily be my favorite expansion. This expansion changes the game in a big way, adding a lot more depth and some fascinating new mechanics.
 adventure time card wars Adventure Time Card Wars: Man, everybody loved the collectors decks we brought in, all were sold out within two weeks (Except the PB and LSP pack, no love for my favorite lumpy princess?) So we got those back in stock as well as the hero packs and boosters.
 pokemon roaring skies Pokemon Roaring Skies boosters and theme decks: Will you pick the Articuno deck or the Zapdos deck? We also got a limited amount of promo versions of Regirock and Pangoro that will be given away with the purchase of either a theme deck, or 3 booster packs.
 dugeon fighter Dungeon Fighter: A cooperative dungeon crawl game with a hint of dexterity based gameplay.
 lords of vegas Lords of Vegas: I hear this one mentioned on the Dice Tower top 10’s fairly often, they seem to quite like it. An area control game set on the Las Vegas strip, invest in the most profitable companies and control the richest casinos.
 shadows over camelot Shadows Over Camelot: Another one that is quite frequently mentioned by the Dice Tower guys. Work together and stop the forces of evil from consuming Camelot, but beware, one amongst your number may be a traitor. The touch of Monty Python humor is just spice on an already excellent game.
 telestrations Telestrations: Those Dice Tower guys do have good taste, so here’s a third game they often mention. Telestrations is an amazing party game that takes the classic telephone game and implements it with pictures in place of words. I play this game every New Years.
 medina Medina: An abstract tile placement game, compete to be the most influential developer of Medina, a desert city near the Atlas Mountains in 1822.
 ESW_Box_MOCK Epic Spell Wars, Rumble at Castle Tentakill: A follow up to the Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre you can play this game either on it’s own or combine it with the original for even more craaaaziness.


We’ve traveled 940 million kilometres and come full circle back to where we started. Or for the non nerds, it’s been a year since we’ve opened (well, on Saturday more accurately)! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a sale. Come stop by Saturday May 2nd or Sunday May 3rd and get any game 10% off or pick from a select list of games at 20% off. It’s been really neat watching this store grow and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next year!

Got an order, as happens pretty often. But this one is interesting because we got a few games that have been out of print for quite some time.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – A really neat detective game that’s part game, part logic puzzle, this one has been really hard to find for a while, and may yet be as two copies have already been claimed!
Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers – Easily one of the best Carcassonne variants, a standalone game set in prehistoric times, this version of Carcassonne adds some exciting twists such as being able to play extra tiles on your turn, and ways to nullify other peoples points. Finally back in print after years.
Ladies and Gentlemen – This one wasn’t actually out of print, but it was between printings and hard to get for the last few months. A positively delightful game about shopping in the Victorian Era and outdated gender stereotypes! The Gentlemen work hard during the day to earn money whilst the Ladies spend that hard earned cash on the fanciest dresses and sundries to be the biggest hit at the ball

Some other new games, that aren’t long lost reprints, but are still really awesome and exciting

Steam Torpedo – Build an amazing submarine the likes of which the world has never seen, then battle it out against your friends shoddy contraptions that are clearly far less superior in firepower, armor, and general floaty/sinkyness.
Pandemic: State of Emergency – A new expansion for Pandemic that we finally got in, adds some crazy new elements including diseases that spread from animal to human, intense new events that randomly occur, and the Superbug, a disease which cannot be healed and MUST be cured and then eradicated with vaccines in order to win the game. Warning, the Superbug variation is quite challenging.
Dark Seas – This game will officially be released on Saturday April 11th (Coincidentally Tabletop Day, which you should totally attend) Dark Seas is a dicey island-building game. Each player plots out his own plundering route, filling its ports with docks, hideouts, and shady sea-faring characters.
Bohnanza Expansions/Variants – These are pretty cool, we got in Bohnanza Ladies and Gangsters which includes to standalone variants of Bohnanza with neat rules variations. We also got in Bohnanza Pirates and Princes  which includes two expansions that add awesome new content. Buy two things, get 4 things to add to your Bohnanza collection

So, anybody else super stoked for the Dragons release tomorrow? I know I am, cause you know, Dragons! We got our order in today, we’ve got lots of stock of boosters, fat packs, and intro packs (I’m thinking I’ll get the Black Red Relentless Rush pack, I like the dash keyword, is fun) Hope to see you tomorrow!

A small order arrived today, but I knew had to post about it because I’m super duper stoked for one of the games that is new to us!


  • Sheriff of Nottingham: After being on Tabletop this game sold out within a week. But we’ve got a bunch more copies now
  • Tokaido: Another Tabletop game, I can’t get over how pretty this game is

New Stuff:

EvolutionEvolution: So I’m a Biology Major, taking a course right now called Evolution, and I want to be an Evolutionary Biologist someday. So naturally I think this is just about the greatest game ever. You need to make sure your creatures are adapted properly to the environment or they face extinction if they can’t get enough food. Use traits like burrowing to escape predators, or ambush hunting to get the jump on those pesky herbivores. Adapt and survive!

HanabiDeluxeHanabi Deluxe: A game in which you can see everybody’s hand but your own. Work together to make sure your teammates pick the right things to play in order to build an amazing fireworks display. We’ve had this game for a while, but now with the Deluxe version out, you could play it with boring paper cards, or with gorgeous solid plastic tiles! With the game being all about making pretty things, you need to have a pretty version of the game itself!


First up, a quick note. We will be closed on Monday February 9th for Family Day (Aka we want to play games with our families. D’aww.)

Two big orders arrived today, got a few games we’ve been waiting to get back in for a while now. (Smash Up, Survive, Ticket to Ride) Who cares about that though? I’m totally stoked about all the new games that we are carrying now, including a few from Tabletop Season 3.

dead_of_winterDead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, soon to be featured on Tabletop, it’s a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives, but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies, and keep the colony’s morale up.




Robot Turtles, a game about teaching programming to preschoolers. I could not be more excited about this game. Kids just seem to take to it like candy without even realizing they are actually learning the fundamentals of Computer Science.





Kingdom Builder, this game started its life as a potential sequel for Dominion (my favourite game) so you know it’s going to be good. To me it kind of feels like what Catan would be if it had been designed by Donald X. Vaccarino. It’ll be shown on Tabletop but not until June 🙁





Roll for the Galaxy, a dice version of the already very popular Race for the Galaxy. They managed to capture the feel of the original game fantastically well.





escape_big_boxEscape Big Box: The Curse of the Temple, If Indiana Jones was a board game. ‘Nuff said.





sheriff_of_nottinghamSheriff of Nottingham, Another Tabletop game (The episode aired today actually, go check it out!) that simulates the exciting world of Customs Inspections! Each turn one player will step into the shoes of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Players declare goods they wish to bring into the city, and which goods they will secretly store in their burlap sack. The Sheriff must then determine who gets into the city with their goods, who gets inspected, and who may have their goods confiscated.