Friends, countrymen, meeples! I bring news from Games on the Drive.

New Games

Once Upon a Time is a game where you and your friends are all trying to create their own fairy tale stories, using cards denoting typical story tropes. As you tell the story, any of your fellow players may interrupt if you say a word that matches one of their cards, and then the story is theirs to direct and tell. This easy to learn game will give you some pretty memorable tales, and is ideal for all ages.


Ladies & Gentlemen is a hilarious game for teams of players. One player in the team plays the gentleman, the other plays the lady, in the Victorian era. The gentlemen attempt to earn money in the stock market, the ladies use that money to put together an outfit to outshine all the other ladies in the upcoming ball. This is a great filler game for your games night and serves as a good intro for people in your life who haven’t played a board game since Monopoly.

While by no means “new” in the strictest sense of the word, this new second edition of the old classic Axis & Allies 1942 lets players take part in different sides of World War 2, managing not only different country’s troops and battles but their economies as well. An oddly popular request at Games on the Drive, this game will not last long on our shelves!

Back in Stock

Many games have become best-sellers here at Games on the Drive, and we are happy to have a few of them back in stock recently. We are now carrying multiple copies of:

  • Boss Monster
  • Coup
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • The Frozen Board Game

Open Games Events!

Every Friday from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Saturdays 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm we encourage everyone to come by Games on the Drive, play games, learn a new game, or bring your favourite games to share with friends and strangers. This week we will have the following games available for everyone to play:

  • Timeline (both “Discovers and Science” and “Music and Cinema” editions!)
  • Zombie Dice
  • Coup
  • Letters from Whitechapel
  • Galaxy Truckers


Hello again,

This Friday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm as well as Saturday from 1:00pm – 5:00pm we will be having our weekly open game events. Come by the store and play the games we have on hand, or bring your own and teach others how to play one of your favourites.

This week the games we’ll have ready to play are:

  • Carcassonne
  • Cthulhu Gloom
  • Timeline
  • 7 Wonders
  • Quarriors
  • Forbidden Island
  • Coup

See you there!

I’ve only discovered this game within the past couple of months yet it became a fast favourite in our household. Survive! Escape from Atlantis is a cut-throat game made for competitive, ruthless gamers like me. Some revisions of the games have been made since its debut in 1982 including game title and rule variations. Although I’ve played tabletop games for years now, I’m still surprised I haven’t come across it earlier. Let me explain why this game is awesome and is still kicking around 32 years after its release.

Survive! Escape from Atlantis' 30th Anniversary edition released 2 years ago

Survive! Escape from Atlantis’ 30th Anniversary edition released 2 years ago

Residents of Atlantis must flee the slowly sinking island. There are some boats available to take you to safety but watch out! There are horrors lurking in the ocean. Sharks that will swallow up any swimmers around, whales that’ll smash through boats in its path, and sea monsters who don’t discriminate: destroy all. Your goal is to save your people and send the other players’ people to a watery grave.

Survive! Escape from Atlantis board setup

Survive! Escape from Atlantis board before we sink this island. During setup, players alternate putting down their players on island tokens and boats in the water.

To make things more interesting, your citizens of Atlantis are weighted. This means your people, if saved, can be worth between 1 to 6 points depending on what number is etched at the bottom of the meeple. Only during the setup and tallying points phase are you allowed so turn over the meeple tokens and see their points value. It’s easy at first to try to remember where you placed each person, but partway though, pure chaos ensues and makes it a lot more difficult to memorize who is more important to save.

This game is loads of fun and easy learn (although you might want to think twice on how vicious and aggressive to play with younger players)! It’s a great selection for those who want a fairly fast game and/or want to sit down with some buddies and some drinks. I know every time I play, bursts of laughter are common when we try to redirect sea creatures towards other players.

Survive! Escape from Atlantis: a game where mercy is futile and causing mass genocide is encourage. Pick up this must have game and its expansions at our store!

Survive! gameplay: end of game

Game over, man! Game over! Green just got decimated. Game end is determined when the volcano tile is revealed. Only people who are safe on a surrounded island are worth points


Hello again gamers,

This week, as with every week, we’re having our open board game night! Friday from 7 – 9pm at our game room next to Games on the Drive, @ 2946 Commercial Drive.

This week we will have the following games available for play, and as always you’re welcome to bring your own.

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Timeline
  • Forbidden Island
  • 7 Wonders
  • Quarriors

Also feel free to bring your Magic and Netrunner decks.

See you there!

Good afternoon Games on the Drivers.

Last week we got some new games in stock, games that have been out of print for some time, games for more people than you honestly know on your Facebook profile, and a game that threatens to follow you everywhere.

First up, back on the shelves after a long absence created by Wil Wheaton’s show Tabletop, we have Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Betrayal at House on the Hill plays like the first hour or so of the film “Cabin in the Woods”. Three to six of your friends set out, for no good reason in particular, to explore this haunted house. You spend each turn finding companions, items, events, and omens straight from your favourite horror movie tropes, slowly putting together a randomly generated monster B movie. Eventually there is a twist, called the Haunt, where one of your number turns traitor, and begins trying to orchestrate the doom of their former friends. With 12 different playable characters, randomly generated floors, and fifty haunts to stumble into, the game has a lot of replayability, and effortlessly weaves a narrative of typical horror movie foolishness and survival.

Keeping with the horror theme, our next new arrival is Ultimate Werewolf.

No that’s not a typo on the box art. Werewolf, in all of it’s incarnations by different designers and artists, is a game that can support dozens of players. Those of you who have played The Resistance and it’s medieval counterpart Avalon will already have a pretty good idea of how the game plays. At the start, each player is given an identity card that makes him or her a regular townsfolk, a special role like the doctor, or a werewolf. At the beginning everyone closes their eyes, the werewolves open their eyes, identify each other, and then the game is played over a course of rounds called days and nights, lead by a game master. During the nights, the werewolves silently elect a player to rip apart, eliminating them from the game. The next day, the villagers learn to their horror who was murdered, and then proceed to elect someone to hang in a desperate bid to catch the werewolves. It’s a great party game, especially with a good game master who knows how to keep things going, and build tension.

Finally, ending our horror theme for this week, we have Catan Portable Edition.

Catan is a game that many might say catapulted the West in to rediscovering board games from the long dark night of Monopoly, it is everywhere. Not only does it exist in many versions and incarnations (yes we are talking about you, Star Trek Catan) but has dozens of expansions, and it now has a version that will follow you around wherever you are. It is now impossible to escape Catan, a game of resource trading and development. Really this game bears no further explanation. If you have not played Catan, you will, it will find you.

Afternoon Gamers!

This week, as with every week, we’ll be hosting an open board games event Friday evening, August 15th from 7pm-9pm. As always it’s in our awkward spot next to Games on the Drive in the CEFA daycare (be sure to come early to get an adult sized chair) just follow the signs! This week’s feast of games includes:

7 Wonders!
A pass-and-play card game where you build wonders of the ancient world and try to beat your neighbours to construct the wealthiest and mightiest civilization.

The classic German tile game all about beating your friends to making the biggest French cities, roads, fields, and churches.

If winning against friends and strangers in a battle of strategy isn’t enough for you, try lying to their faces in this easy to learn game of political intrigue and deception.

A quick and easy game of general knowledge. Was the invention of the equals sign before or after the discovery of the molecule? Was the first measurement of the speed of light before or after the first supermarket? After playing Timeline you might learn the answer to some of these questions.

Sure those deck building games like Dominion can be fun, but have you ever thought, “This would be a lot more fun if all these cards were dice”? You’re in luck, Quarriors combines the pleasing progress of a deck building game with over the top fantasy tropes, and dice!

Don’t see anything you like? Bring your own game and teach others how to play!

Our board game event also bleeds over into every Saturday, 1-5pm at the same space, this time with a special emphasis on card games! Bring your Magic decks, your Netrunner rigs, or any other card game you’d like to crush the Games on the Drive staff (seriously, Michael is the worst).

‘Ticket to ride’  is a common gateway to Euro games for those who have previously only played classic Western family games like ‘Monopoly’, or completely unfamiliar with tabletop entertainment altogether. ‘Ticket to Ride’ (TTR)’s popularity is due to the fact that it’s family friendly, easy to explain, and fast to learn. Its re-playability is fairly high as there are different route combinations that would change players’ strategies, and a variety of expansions to mix it up. This year is TTR’s 10th year anniversary. To celebrate, an anniversary edition was released. This will be a review on just the latest edition rather than the game play.

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Box Art

Sleek box art

We recently played TTR Anniversary Edition with our friends and their kids (ages 11 and 14) . I was highly impressed of the player pieces. They come in individual player tins with such intricate train tokens. For example, red was a circus train with giraffe heads poking out from the top of each freight cars, and black was transporting coal in open back carts.

Ticket to Ride pieces

Yellow Player’s Tin with train pieces inside

The physical quality of the board was the same as the other releases but the map on the board was more colourful and detailed than its original counterpart. Additional routes were included from the 1910 USA expansion to make it more interesting.

mid-game shot

mid-game shot

Full Board

Go home green train, you’re drunk.

I feel this set is a must have for TTR fans. Special editions like this are made year of their anniversary only so pick up a copy before they sell out!

Our inventory is perhaps a bit chaotic right now as we figure out what stuff we want to carry long term, but I for one am completely okay with this because it means we are constantly getting in new and exciting games I’ve never heard of.

New to us this week:

  • Catan Junior
  • Dutch Blitz (and expansion pack)
  • Hanabi
  • Innovation (and expansions)
  • Taboo
  • Tokaido

“TOKAIDO is a game for 2 to 5 players, with unique atmosphere and aesthetics, in which the players are pilgrims on a journey along the legendary East Sea Road of Japan. Along the way, you will try to collect the most beautiful souvenirs, discover glorious vistas, enjoy enriching encounters, soak in soothing hot springs, sample sumptuous cuisine, and much more!”
Unique atmosphere and aesthetics is right, this game is beautiful. Half game, half work of art. We’ve also got the crossroads expansion in stock, come check them out.

In preparation for the highly anticipated release of Sharknado 2 this Wednesday (July 30), we will be bringing in new copies of Survive and its expansions this week.  If you’ve never waded through the shark/whale/monster infested waters of Atlantis, this Friday is the perfect time to learn.  Friday (7-9pm), we will kraken open all the expansions and play through the game during Open Game Night.  It’s a quick game to play and even quicker to learn so come on by.

If you haven’t been to our game nights/afternoons yet, they are a great way to learn new games.  I learned Quarriors last week after a quick game which was way more fun than trying to get through the 10 page rule book.


Survive: Escape From Atlantis

Survive 5-6 Player

Survive: 5-6 Player

Survive Dolphins and Dive

Survive: The Dolphins and Dive Dice

Survive Giant Squid

Survive: The Giant Squid

I can’t count how many times someone grabbed the Marvel Deck Building game off the shelf and asked “Do you have the DC version of this?” Well ask no more!

Now in Stock! DC Deck Building Game

Now in Stock! DC Deck Building Game

We also restocked some of our out of stock items, including our top sellers Coup and Love Letter. We just can’t keep them on the shelves.

Back in Stock This Week:

  • Coup
  • Catan: Cities and Knights
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Love Letter
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Smash Up Expansions (All of them)
  • Batman Arkham City Escape
  • Ninja Versus Ninja
  • Civilization: The Board Game