Belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year! I always find the holiday season tiring and sometimes repetitive as you see the same people for the different holiday gatherings. Liven up your next event (aka New Year’s Eve) with some bored games. I mean you caught up with your loved ones during Christmas-time, what else is left to talk about? Here is a list of games I recommend to play, whether it’s themed for the event/season or just a fun party game to play while waiting for the countdown.


Hanabi  There’s no better game to play on New Year’s than Hanabi. It’s all about creating the best firework show by cooperatively giving each other clues to set off the fireworks in the correct order. This 2 – 5 player game can be played with younger game enthusiasts.


Star Wars: X-Wing – Okay, not so much a “New Year’s” themed game, but definitely relevant right now. With The Force Awakens recently released and fresh on the mind, play as either the Rebel X-wings or Imperial TIE fighters for galactic domination. The fate of our universe is in your hands.


Geek Out: Pop Culture Party – Being a bearded man with a top knot, “netflix and chillin” to 50 Shades of Grey? That’s so 2015. Before we move forward to 2016, make good use of your 2015 (and older) knowledge of fads. Try to one up other players on pop culture knowledge of movies, music, shows and more!


Cranium Party – Almost a staple at any large event with party games, Cranium Party will keep you alert until that midnight bell tolls. This game is great to get everybody involved and excitedly blood-pumping. I don’t know about you but every time I have to frantically guess someone’s clues, I get a mini-heart attack. I’ve extended my bedtime by at least an hour after each round’s stress.


Timeline – This game has been mentioned multiple times in our blog already, but what better way to look forward to your future than reminiscing about the past? Place these historical moment cards correctly in the timeline to win. After reviewing the timeline, you may be surprised how far we’ve come.


Eclipse – For those who want something more intense, there’s Eclipse which is great for a more thought provoking gaming session. This space exploration and combat game will have you and your guests immersed… until the New Year’s countdown. Although there’s a limited number of rounds, how many turns a player takes per round is unlimited. For new players, I’d suggest setting aside 5 hours for a single play through. Now that’s a good time killer.

I know these suggestions are cutting it close, but I hope this inspires you to host an awesome and fun New Year’s party! Cheers fellow gamers.

Happy Holidays from Games on The Drive

Hello fellow board gamers!

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