This week at Games on the Drive we’ll have a selection of spooky and macabre games to play for all ages. Come by our open game space near Games on the Drive this Friday from 7pm-9pm, or Saturday from 1pm to 5pm to play some of these games in honor of All Hallow’s Eve!

  • Betrayal at House on the Hill – re-enact some of your favourite horror movies with this semi co-operative game of horror story tropes and twists
  • Cthulhu Gloom – A tenticly twist on a classic card game of families prone to extraordinary accidents and star obsessed cults
  • Letters From Whitechapel – take a trip back to 19th century London as either Jack the ripper, or a member of the investigative team attempting to stop jack as he or she runs through the blood soaked streets of Whitechapel.
  • Werewolf – ideal for a large group, try to spot and lynch the traitorous werewolves in your midst before there is no one left
  • Zombie Dice – You are a zombie and all you want is brains and to avoid the shotgun blasts of those pesky humans

And as always we welcome Netrunner and Magic the Gathering games, and feel free to bring your favourite gory/scary game to play and share!


So Halloween is coming up and you and your friends need something to play that’s spooky and guaranteed to chill you to the bone. I’ve got just the game for you…. Suburbia! Nothing is scarier than a docile neighborhood right? No I jest, as you can probably guess by the blog title, I really meant Arkham Horror.


Dim the lights and step into the world of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos where an ancient evil threatens to awake and destroy the world. You and your friends will choose from 16 different investigators and collect items, weapons, spells, and allies in order to save the world. Portals from other dimensions are opening into the streets and strange nightmarish creatures roam causing chaos. It’s up to you and your buddies to cooperate and fight off the monsters, stay sane (try not to get devoured either), and most importantly close the portals, lest too many open and the Ancient One awakes. At which point you’ll have only one choice, fight the Ancient One in a battle you will almost certainly lose.

Not for the faint of heart this game requires a commitment, experienced players may be able to finish in about 2-3 hours but newer players can expect up to 4-5 hours for a game. But you’ll rewarded with an amazing in depth experience. Masterfully atmospheric this game will have you on the edge of your seat. A couple quotes from a blog post can best sum up this game. “Nothing beats being, say, the bookish student, riding around on a motorcycle with a fire ax in one hand and a .45 in the other, chugging whiskey to stay sane.” and “It sometimes feels as if the odds are hilariously stacked against you, and it feels like a real victory when you win.”

Alternately if it seems to much for you, you could try the streamlined baby cousin of Arkham Horror, Elder Sign. A fantastic game in itself but merely a shadow of it’s older cousin. No matter what you do, I hope your Halloween is awesome and full of (safe) frights and spooks!

New Games are arriving every week here at Games on the Drive and our shelves are filling up fast. Not only do we have a bunch of new releases, but also some old favourites that are finally gracing our shelves once more.

New Releases:

  • Camel Up – A competitive board game about racing camels across the desert.
  • Pandemic: The Cure -The popular co-operative survival game is back, now as a fast and easy to play co-operative dice game.
  • Pandemic: Contagion – The original Pandemic had you and your friends trying to cure vicious diseases, but this new stand-alone game lets you play those virulent plagues seeking to wipe out humanity.

New in Stock:

  • Pylos – A unique two-player puzzle game of precarious wooden spheres.
  • Quoridor – A game of mazes and mind games for 2 or 4 players.
  • Pandemic: On the Brink – This expansion to the original Pandemic adds new roles, events, and optional mutating diseases, as well as higher difficulty levels, and even a bio terrorist player option.

Back in Stock:

  • Dixit – This creative card game is a family favourite, with each player trying to hide their artful cards among their friends’cards by using ambiguous, poetic phrases.
  • Dixit Journey – Similar to the classic Dixit, this version of the game comes with cards that depict more complex and mature imagery for older and more experienced players.
  • Timeline – We have several version of this easy to play, educational card game in the store. Returning in stock is Timeline Science and Discoveries, along with Historical Events, Inventions, and Diversity.

KhansFirst off a quick note for all the Magic players who have waited patiently, we got more Khans of Tarkir boosters and two fat packs in, as well as a ton of card sleeves to keep them safe.

Christmas is a couple months away and things are getting crowded here in the shop. We’re starting to ramp up our stock levels and bring in new and exciting games. This week we got two large orders in and quite a few new products to share with you today.

  • Munchkin Panic, a Munchkin version of the tower defense game Castle Panic, takes the best of both worlds (though mainly Castle Panic) and combines them to make an awesome game (And currently occupies the top spot of my personal Christmas list)
  • NHL Power Play: A team building card game, create a dream team of your favorite players then see how it performs. Designed specifically with the casual gamer in mind this game is perfect for any NHL fan!
  • Coup Reformation, Coup is immensely popular as it is, now there is an expansion for it that adds new characters, new artwork and most interestingly, team gameplay. How does that fit into a game like Coup? You’ll have to check it out and see. (Hint, your allegiance will be flip flopping faster than you can blink)
  • Machi Koro, a simple dice game with fast intense gameplay, compete with your friends to build landmarks and grow the small city of Machi Koro into a thriving metropolis.
  • Mousetrap,  a childhood classic, we all know just how *ahem* reliable this game is. Well, this is the Elefun version and you’ll find that it actually works as designed.
  • Once Upon a Time Expansions, are your stories getting a little dry and repetitive? Add some variety with either the Seafaring, Enchanting, or Knightly tales expansion pack.
  • Wits and Wagers Family Edition, a trivia game that you can win without knowing the answer to any of the questions at all, this version is designed with more general questions to appeal to a wider range of people.
  • Hive Carbon: The Pillbug, adds a new bug to the hive and changes the game in a big way, the pillbug moves like the queen one space at a time or has the option of forcing any adjacent piece (regardless of colour) to move and then rendering it immobile for a turn.

Also a few items are back in stock, including some we’ve been waiting a while for.

  • Munchkin: Adventure Time
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos (We seriously cannot keep this game in, it just flies out the door)
  • The Game of Life
  • Hive Carbon
  • Poo (Why am I not surprised this sold out within a week of us bringing it in)
  • Power Grid: The First Sparks
  • Taboo
  • Smash Up Expansions (Monster Smash, Science Fiction Double Feature, Obligatory Cthulhu)

Why let brownian motion determine the winner of bingo?  With Amazing Bingo, your keen wits and strategy will give you the edge over your dabbing opponents.


Created by Vancouver’s own Stephen Kaplan, the game combines bingo with a maze-like game board that lets you decide the numbers that come up.  Simple and fun for all ages (well…8-108.  Medical waivers are required for anyone older).

Come to the store this Saturday October 18 at 1pm and learn the game from Stephen himself.  He will be available to bestow upon you the secrets of the game.  Is B8 really a stronger number than N36?  Why is O66 pronounced clickety-click?

Once you have learned all you can from the master, sign up for the Amazing Bingo tournament happening on November 2nd at the Lux Lounge.  There, you will have a chance to play for all the fame, glory, and prizes that you duly deserve.  Your destiny awaits.

A happy and crisp October hello to everyone.

This week, as every week, we will be having our open board game events at Games on the Drive, Friday from 7-9 pm and Saturday from 1-5 pm. This week will have a special personal flair, as our lovely host of these board game events: Michael, is celebrating his birthday on Friday October 10th. As such he is using his executive powers to offer up a heap of his favourite games for everyone to play. They are, in no particular order:

  • Avalon – a game of lies and trickery that Michael has only played twice and made a mess of the rules on both occasions.
  • Once Upon a Time – a game of storytelling that Michael enjoys playing because he’s a part-time writer and thinks he’s pretty good at this sort of thing.
  • 7 Wonders – Michael has never won a game of 7 Wonders but he still enjoys playing it.
  • Galaxy Trucker – Michael feels that this one speaks for itself.
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill – this co-operative game lends itself well to emergent story-telling, something Michael is quite fond of.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights – a combination of a board game and a choose your own adventure novel using various Arabian myths. Notice a theme yet?

As always people are welcome to bring their own board games to play, as well as their Magic or Netrunner decks for a pick up game.

Michael is well aware that he has been technically writing about himself in the third person throughout this post, and hopes that you come by and join in the fun and games despite this short-lived ego boost.

Hey folks,

This week at Games on the Drive, we have a new assortment of games available to play or learn to play at our open games events, Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and Saturday from noon to 5:00 pm.

  • Avalon – a game of deceit and treachery in King Arthur’s court
  • Timeline – test your knowledge of history with this easy to learn card game
  • Once Upon a Time – the ultimate competitive story-telling game
  • Pandemic – a co-operative game about saving the world from infectious diseases. Topical!
  • Carcassonne – a German board game about building French cities
  • Lost City – a simple and addictive card stacking game
  • Quarriors – a deck building game, but with dice!
  • Elder Sign – a co-operative elder god slaying game

Hope to see you tonight or tomorrow!