Featured Halloween Game: Mysterium


Halloween is upon us yet again! For someone who’s such a wimp, I love playing and talking about games that could cause me to have nightmares. With a huge variety of eerie or horror themed games available, tabletop games are a fun way to celebrate Halloween with a group of friends. This article features a beautifully spooky game: Mysterium.

Think Clue meets Dixit. This cooperative game focuses on solving an old murder mystery by deducing who is the murderer, how the deed was was done and where the slaughter took place. Sounds like Clue, right? The twist is one of the players acts as a ghost helping the other players who are spirit mediums. The ghost is the one who knows the answers but can only communicate by giving the mediums visions (picture cards).

In front of the mediums are a roster of suspects, possible locations and potential murder weapons. The ghost has the task of giving each medium a different vision of who, what and where the murder took place. Once each medium guesses all three aspects of their own vision correctly, the ghost gives one final shared vision to all the mediums to lead them to choose the true scenario (only the ghost knows). Throughout the game, mediums can discuss with each other because if any of them fail at guessing their scenario by the end of the eighth round, everybody loses. There is a huge advantage to brainstorming however, with discussion comes debate. Each medium has tokens with checkmarks or x’s on them which they can put down in support or against each other’s choices. Once the ghost reveals if the choices were correct or incorrect, if your vote was proper, you go up on what is called the “clairvoyance” track. The higher the clairvoyance, the more you can see of the final vision.

In the final round when the ghost reveals the final vision cards, each medium must secretly place a guess of which of all the scenarios contain the true culprit, place and weapon. If the majority of the mediums choose the correct one, everybody wins. The ghost can finally rest in peace. If not… well, nobody wants to know what happens when a ghost is not avenged properly.

It’s honestly a really fun game that people of different gaming backgrounds can get in to. I highly recommend this game. There’s actually an official released soundtrack to aid the mood. I encourage you and your friends to play along side the music to really set the ambiance. That’s enough from me. Happy Halloween to all you ghouls, ghosts, and humans too!

Hello again folks, we’ve recently received some cool new games, here’s a little writeup about each of ’em!


Firstly, we’ve got Clank!.  Yes, the punctuation is part of the title.  This is a smooth deckbuilder in which players are adventurers and looters on a jaunt into a dragon’s lair.  The objective is to grab the most valuable loot and escape to the surface, with the caveat that most of the cards you play and actions you take, whether they’re stumbling down a hallway to progress or fighting a goblin for his treasure, make noise!  The noisier you are, the more likely the dragon is to incinerate you when he stirs from his slumber.  All in all a clever and exciting push-your-luck twist on the deckbuilding genre.


Next up, we’ve got Cry Havoc.  Combining a number of elements from the area control, “dudes-on-a-map”, and deckbuilding genres, this game features four asymmetrical playable races, each lending themselves to a distinct strategy.  Vying for dominance of a mineral-rich planet, you must control territories to harvest resources, leverage your unique skills against your opponents, and puzzle your way through a devilishly constrictive action budget.


Lastly, we have the expansion to the classic adventure game, Betrayal at House on the Hill.  Twelve years in the making, Widow’s Walk features 51 new haunts written by a plethora of amazing guest writers, and an additional floor.  Designer Mike Selinker calls it a love letter to fans of Betrayal, and that’s reflected by many fans having contributed to its creation.  A real treat for lovers of the game.



Hello folks, exciting news today as Terraforming Mars hits our shelves!  One of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, this game has you taking on the roles of megacorporations 300 years in the future.  By managing a plethora of resources and technologies and placing cities, greenery and oceans, you’ll compete to contribute the most towards making Mars livable!


Codenames: Pictures has also arrived, the language-independent sequel to last year’s massive hit.  This twist on the 2016 Spiel des Jahres winner features larger tiles, amusing images, and all of the room for human ingenuity of its predecessor.


Lotus is a beautiful little game of managing a hand of flower petals to nurture your lotus garden.  While the game is simple, there is a depth of strategy that can be explored, making it suitable for newer gamers and veterans alike.


Star Trek Ascendancy is a three-player asymmetrical game of exploration, expansion and extermination.  Take command of the Federation, Romulans or Klingons, each with different strengths and playstyles, and vie for control of the Star Trek galaxy!


Finally, Food Chain Magnate is a paragon of depth in no-luck board games.  Each player takes on the ownership of a food chain, and manages every aspect of its operations.  In your role as CEO, your primary order of business is hiring underlings to perform tasks for you, ranging from sending an errand boy to pick up some lemonade to employing a brand director to run a massive radio campaign, driving the inhabitants of your town to crave that lemonade.  It’s up to you to handle your business and the ever-shifting landscape of customer desires at the same time.