This is a good one, friends.  A great many nerds have been waiting anxiously for this one to hit shelves.  Hop aboard Rob Daviau’s newest legacy game and set sail for exploration, trading and ship-to-ship combat in the long-awaited Seafall!  It’s a big departure from Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy, a completely original design and much larger in scale and ambition.  Not an undertaking to be taken lightly!


That’s not all, fellow seafarers.  Not by a long shot.  Have you ever taken a long, hard look at Pandemic and thought to yourself, “this whole disease motif is boring, if only this game was about unspeakable horrors from dimensions beyond our comprehension”?

If you answered yes, there’s a good chance you’ve been following Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu already and to you I say, it’s here at last!  And it’s good!

If you said no, broaden those horizons a bit and take a moment to consider what that might be like.  You might end up with a mental image of a Pandemic board with monstrous miniatures, portals to other worlds, and looming elder gods.  To you I say, it exists, it’s here at last, and it’s good!


Finally, take control of a guild of explorers, merchants, and craftsmen and descend into the mists of the Nebula Valley in Via Nebula!  The Nebula Valley is a mess of disconnected people, untapped resources, and ancient ruins, all crying out for a guild of just your talents.  Those distant villages need a path between them charted through the mist!  Yeah, you can do that.  Those ruins look like a great site for that distillery you’ve been commissioned to build!  No problem chief, you can set that up this turn.  But hey, now someone’s gotta exploit that forest tile for its sweet, sweet lumber!  That could be you too.  Just remember, clearing the mists and freeing up resources give your rivals more tools as well!