Good news, folks!  The reprints of Terraforming Mars and Concordia are finally here, and Concordia’s received shiny new box art!

We’ve also got some sweet new games in stock, so let’s talk about those.

Near and Far is the brand new game from celebrated designer, artist and writer, Ryan Laukat.  This time you explore a world map by map, discovering cool stories and vignettes, and having crazy adventures.  It’s a heavy box, but don’t let that fool you.  It’s still a straightforward game, it’s just packed full of pieces, booklets and all manner of great stuff!

Cottage Garden is the younger sibling of 2014’s Patchwork.  It’s a less tight, gentler game featuring plants and cats instead of Patchwork’s patches and button economy, and its less tense nature and 2-4 player count makes it more widely accessible while sacrificing only a bit of strategic depth.  In short, Cottage Garden is a charming horticultural dalliance that’s satisfying for meganerds and non-gamers alike.

Dice Forge plays with a novel mechanism that’s been explored only a couple times before: dice crafting.  Everyone’s dice have removable faces, so that you can use the results of your rolls as currency or power or purchase more profitable faces for your dice!  Dice Forge has a familiar feeling of progression and managing luck to classic deckbuilders (Dominion, Legendary) and bag builders (Orléans, Quarriors), but the novelty of popping off the satisfyingly chunky old faces and clicking the new ones into place is just great.

The Gallerist is an elegant, thinky game in a huge box.  There’s so much to it, so much depth, but it still manages to deliver a sleek and smooth gameplay experience.  As a gallerist, it’s your job to discover and patronize new artists, fill your gallery with their works, sell off their art to fulfill contracts, hire assistants and send them jetting off across the world to make sure you’re being talked up in the right circles, and coercing VIPs, investors and collectors into your gallery with the promise of free tickets so that you can throw parties and have them tweet about it.

It’s a worker placement game, but there are only four spaces to head to, and you can’t stay in the same place you just were, so in most cases you only have three choices!  Of course, those three choices cascade immediately, with each spot offering two actions and each action being tightly tied to everything else that’s going on, so what appears to be simple never truly is!  Some games manage to be extremely intricate and extremely elegant at the same time, and The Gallerist knocks that feeling out of the park.


Oh, and one last thing: we have some brand new board game mystery boxes from our lovely local distributor, Universal Distribution, full of underappreciated games, damaged boxes, demo copies in good condition, and more!  Guaranteed to have over $120 retail value, priced only at $52.99!  While we don’t know what’s in them, ask about the boxes in store and you can give ’em a shake, gauge their weight, and pick your favourite!