Games on the Drive has recently stocked some new and hard to find games for the upcoming holiday season. Some of these are rare and are often out of stock, so if you want one for yourself or a loved one you had better act fast!







This popular card game pits dwarven miners against each other in a race to gather the most gold before the saboteur strikes them down. The expansion, Saboteur 2, is also available in store.

Heroes of Normandie

This 2 player strategy games pits players against each other in a battle of wits during WWII. Inspired by Hollywood war movies, this fast-paced game includes bluffing and fast-moving combat. For those who prefer a bit more menace and horror in the war games, we also have Shadows Over Normandie in stock, a 3 player variant of Heroes of Normandie that includes occult Nazi groups and elder gods.


The newest game by popular designer Vlaada Chvatil pits two teams of spies against each other. Spymaster give one-word clues to point out cards on the table that will lead each side to their agents, but watch out for the opposing side’s agents, and the assassin!

Rick Legacy

Experience an entirely new way to play the classic game of Risk. Each campaign changes the board and even the rules of the game. See cities and entire countries be destroyed, and new units be added to the battlefield as time progresses. Your game of Risk will never be the same as each of your actions will have consequences.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

A unique cooperative puzzle game where you and your friends are tasked with solving a mystery by none other than the master sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Follow up leads, consult the daily news and local contacts, and deduct the answer in as few steps as possible to try to beat Sherlock’s impossibly perceptive mind.


This incredibly popular French game of ambiguity and art will not last long in store! Use beautifully created images to try to outwit your opponents with ambiguous statements and cleverly crafted clues.

Just in time for the new Star Wars movie coming out this December, Games on the Drive now carries several different expansions for the popular X-Wing Miniatures game. Get your start with the core game, add to your rebel or imperial armies with individual ships, or take it to the next level with Star Wars Armada, a capital-ship variation on the X-Wing system!