I know we’ve already had our turkey last month but we appreciate a good sale as much as anyone else.  Come in this weekend and get 20% off any board game when you buy one at regular price.  Buy someone that Christmas present and treat yourself with a new board game.  Come on, you know you deserve it.

Fine print:

Friday November 28 to Sunday November 30 only.
Buy any board game and get another for 20% off.
Discount applies to lower priced item.


Hey folks,

As some of you may know,the third season of Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop premiered this month, and to mark the occasion we have created a special “As Seen on Tabletop” section on our shelves so you can peruse the games featured not only on past seasons of Tabletop, but the games that will be coming up on future episodes of Tabletop season 3.

We have also added some brand new and dearly missed games to our inventory, so have a gander at our patented New Releases Bullet List:

  • Terra Mystica: a game of strategic planning, alchemy, and religious cults, take the role of one of several fantasy factions and try to control the largest area possible
    • Terra Mystica – Fire & Ice: this expansion adds 4 new groups to play as well as 2 new factions to master
  • Agricola: this popular and meticulous farming simulator is finally back in stock!
  • Five Tribes: a new twist on the popular worker placement formula where all your workers are already on the board, and you must maneuver your tribes carefully to achieve victory
  • Mice and Mystics: a story focused roleplaying board game that puts you in the roles of small heroic mice
    • Mice and Mystics – Heart of Glorm: continue the story of Mice and Mystics with this new storybook full of monsters, challenges, and a new playable character
  • Dixit Daydreams: new fanciful cards for the imaginative card game of metaphors and ambiguity, Dixit
  • Roll for It!: an easy to play dice game of risk and calculations
  • King of New York: return to the giant monster rampage in the Big Apple with this new twist on the popular King of Tokyo board game
  • Power Grid Deluxe: a special 10th anniversary edition of the popular power plant building game, this version includes both the Europe and North America maps, as well as re-balanced mechanics and brilliant new artwork

Today is International Games Day celebrated at libraries around the world. Some of these libraries participating in this worldwide event are located in USA, UK, Norway, Iran, Nigeria, and of course here!

From 2PM – 4PM today, Games on The Drive will demoing “Galaxy Trucker” at the VPL Central Branch (on W Georgia). Stop by to learn Galaxy Trucker, or other games that are provided at the event.


International Games Day at your local libraries

International Games Day at your local libraries

For more information about International Games Day, visit