Hello folks, here’s an update with some of the newest additions to our stock.


The Networks has players in the role of TV executives managing shows and timeslots, making the best use of their stars and running advertisements for capital, all in an effort to earn the most viewers and make the most cash.


Flip City is a deckbuilder with a push-your-luck twist, in which players can play cards from the top of their deck and may play as many as they like, earning more and more money for building and upgrading their city cards, but running an ever-increasing risk of going bust.


Like Bejeweled or Candy Crush?  Potion Explosion is a simple game of cascading marbles in which players craft potions by plucking marbles from a dispenser, causing more marbles to crash down and explode!  Not literally, figuratively.  It’s not a perfect world.



In Arcane Academy, each apprentice wizard will cast spells by laying tiles on their personal board.  Each spell has a series of arcane connectors, making them perform special actions when you match those connectors with the tiles next to them!  It’s like crazy chain-reaction magical Carcassonne except you’re doing your glyphs homework instead of being a landowner.