Games on the Drive is happy to announce that we will be carrying the new Magic the Gathering set, Khans of Tarkir, when it releases Friday September 26th.  We will have booster packs, fat packs, and introductory decks ready for sale.

We also just received new booster packs of the Magic 2015 Core set and we have boosters and intro decks from the Theros block still in store.

Come by the store to pick up cards or join our weekly gaming events to play Magic with fellow customers and employees.


Brought in a new game today. Escape from Sunset Island. A zombie apocalypse simulator developed by a fellow Vancouverite, this game had a successful kickstarter launch last year and is gaining a strong following as it provides an interesting take on the zombie genre.

Gameplay wise, the rules are simple and easy to learn, use the dice to move, carrying heavy supplies slows down your movement by subtracting from your roll but are necessary for escaping the island. Run away from zombies. Not complicated (well, of course there is a bit more to it than that, but you get the idea). You can go from opening the box for the first time to happily playing within 5 minutes. What sets this game apart is (and I take this direct from the website) it’s “co-opetative” nature. You can choose to cooperatively try and escape the zombie player as a cohesive team or lone wolf it and escape alone. Just like real life though, you can decide as you play, working as a team but see a great chance to escape? Throw your friends under the bus and run away! Of course you could do the opposite, heroically sacrifice yourself to the zombies such that your friends survive. It’s entirely up to you. The other neat thing I like is that although one player starts off as the zombie team, they can potentially bite other players and bring them to the zombie side to work against their former human “friends” (again, that parts up in the air)

You can check out the website at which has some trailers and gameplay videos, or we have an open copy that the developer generously donated so you can stop by the store or one of our games nights and give it a try. If you like it, consider supporting a small local developer and grab a copy.

With teachers currently on strike, I decided to compile a list of games for kids/teens to play while waiting for school to resume:
timelineHistory: Timeline – a game where players must build a single timeline with each card representing a historical event. Guess where the card fits in relation to what’s already built to win!

scrabbleEnglish: So many games to choose from, but I think classic Scrabble would be best. The greatest lessons come when a player calls out another for potentially using a nonsense word. It gets real once a dictionary is involved.
pgEconomics: I can’t think of a better game that would teach ecomonics than Power Grid. Buy cities, fuel their power plants… all within your budget. Learn to manage money and deal with supply and demand. Scarce fuel sources won’t come cheaply!
pandemicScience: Pandemic – team up to save the planet from harmful diseases.  Traverse the world to find cures and treat the infected.  But watch out! Epidemic can happens. Outbreaks of diseases mean faster spreading. Work together to eradicate the threat before humanity is lost!

Gym: I don’t know, go out and let them run around.

cantstopMath: Can’t Stop – a great game to teach about odds and probability. Roll dice and advance your pylon token all the way to the end of the board. Numbers that are more probable have more spaces before to reach to the end.

craniumPartyArt: Cranium is a variety game which includes mini-games for drawing, miming and impersonating. Gotta use those art and creativity skills or your team won’t be able to guess correctly!
galaxytruckerShop: Galaxy Trucker – From a communal pool of parts, build your own spaceship to be tested. Build it carefully or you might not be able to hold all the cargo, repel space pirates, or defend against meteor showers.


That’s it from me, kids! Now go off and learn with games.

Friends, countrymen, meeples! I bring news from Games on the Drive.

New Games

Once Upon a Time is a game where you and your friends are all trying to create their own fairy tale stories, using cards denoting typical story tropes. As you tell the story, any of your fellow players may interrupt if you say a word that matches one of their cards, and then the story is theirs to direct and tell. This easy to learn game will give you some pretty memorable tales, and is ideal for all ages.


Ladies & Gentlemen is a hilarious game for teams of players. One player in the team plays the gentleman, the other plays the lady, in the Victorian era. The gentlemen attempt to earn money in the stock market, the ladies use that money to put together an outfit to outshine all the other ladies in the upcoming ball. This is a great filler game for your games night and serves as a good intro for people in your life who haven’t played a board game since Monopoly.

While by no means “new” in the strictest sense of the word, this new second edition of the old classic Axis & Allies 1942 lets players take part in different sides of World War 2, managing not only different country’s troops and battles but their economies as well. An oddly popular request at Games on the Drive, this game will not last long on our shelves!

Back in Stock

Many games have become best-sellers here at Games on the Drive, and we are happy to have a few of them back in stock recently. We are now carrying multiple copies of:

  • Boss Monster
  • Coup
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • The Frozen Board Game

Open Games Events!

Every Friday from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Saturdays 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm we encourage everyone to come by Games on the Drive, play games, learn a new game, or bring your favourite games to share with friends and strangers. This week we will have the following games available for everyone to play:

  • Timeline (both “Discovers and Science” and “Music and Cinema” editions!)
  • Zombie Dice
  • Coup
  • Letters from Whitechapel
  • Galaxy Truckers