Arboretum finally sees a reprint!  Now all of us who missed the first prints can scheme and strategize our way into making the finest botanical garden in all the land!


Other new stock includes: Flick ’em Up‘s plastic-constructed “wider audience” edition, bringing all of the dexterous, wild west shootout fun of the original version at half the price,

Dead Last, a fast-paced game where players use any means necessary to collude to knock out their opponents one at a time, ensuring that they alone will survive to grab the gold bars,

Between Two Cities, a light, new-gamer accessible drafting game in which players construct one city with each of their neighbours, scoring only the lesser of the two cities,

and Beyond Baker Street, a cooperative game of deduction and sleuthing in which the UK’s greatest detectives band together to solve a crime before Sherlock Holmes can steal their glory.


Imperial Assault has one player taking on the role of the overwhelmingly powerful Empire against the rest of the players fighting together as the plucky, desperate Rebellion.  While the primary focus of the game is on sci-fi dungeon crawling and the gradual, RPG-like improvements to both sides, it also features a miniatures-based skirmish variant.

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Mistfall and Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game are both card-based adventures, but the variation in the genre is impressive.  You can’t go wrong with either of these, so you only have to pick your flavour!

Mistfall brings a heavier, more calculated experience, as each combat is a puzzle to be solved based on the decisions you’ve made and the way you’ve built your character.

WQACG is a quicker, lighter game, with the difficult decisions mitigated somewhat by dice rolls and cooperation with your allies.


In Zombicide: Black Plague, take on the roles of the survivors of a necromantic black plague to fight zombies, scavenge for items and gear, and do your best to stay alive!


Now that GenCon 2016 is over and we’ve had time to ogle all the gorgeous new games, get in touch with us to preorder the things you liked the most!

In September, we’ll be receiving such exciting titles as Covert, a game of spymastery in Cold War-era Europe, the asymmetric sci-fi area-control Cry Havoc, Terraforming Mars, a Euro game taken all the way to mars, and Lotus, a lovely light game of collecting flowers.

October releases will include the push-your-luck adventure Bloodborne, the lavishly beautiful economy game Scythe, Clank, a deckbuilding romp through a dragon’s hoard, and Colony, a futuristic city-manager!

We accept orders in the shop, or through the Contact tab of our website.



Hello folks, we’ve got some cool new games in stock, here’s a quick rundown of some new games that are smaller in size, but not in fun!



…and then, we held hands. has two players trying to save a fracturing relationship, tackling emotional issues together by playing cards that can help or hinder both players at once.  Seems simple, but there’s a catch in that the players aren’t allowed to communicate at all, forcing each player to carefully consider the impact their play has on their partner.  All of this results in satisfying successes and bittersweet failures, with the clear message that it could be so easy if you could simply talk to one another.



The Grizzled is a superbly simple game of communally pushing your luck, as you and your friends attempt to guide your soldiers through the dangers of World War I.  Working together to reach the armistice that marks the end of the fighting, you’ll be navigating dangers such as snow, shelling, and noxious gases as well as any physical or mental conditions that might befall your men.  The expansion, At Your Orders, introduces a solo-play variant as well as mission cards that pose greater dangers and define what your men are going to face.



Xenon Profiteer is a clever twist on deckbuilding: a reverse deckbuilder, where players are competing to extract valuable xenon from air by isolating it from oxygen, nitrogen and krypton.  Upgrade your xenon extraction plant and take on new contracts to earn money and be the greatest Xenon Profiteer!



Space Hulk: Death Angel is a welcome reinvention of a classic board game behemoth, Space Hulk.  Although slimmer and less expensive than its namesake, Death Angel delivers the same feelings of tension and meaningful decision making.  In this brilliant strategy card game you’ll be leading your squad of superhuman space marines through the corridors, blasting away at deadly aliens and trying to survive long enough to complete your mission.  This is one of the finest and lightest solo strategy games out there!



Valley of the Kings: Afterlife combines Dominion-reminiscent deckbuilding mechanics with an elegant ancient-Egyptian aesthetic.  Build up your store of treasures, but remember that everything you don’t entomb and bring with you will earn you no points in the afterlife!

Good news!  We’re demoing a copy of Scythe down at the shop, so come by and check out this absurdly gorgeous game, already considered by many to be the “#1 alt-history-Europe-with-mechs area control and resource management game of the year”!

Ooh, aah

Ooh, aah

Expected release of Scythe is October 15th.  We take preorders in store, or through the Contact section on our website.

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