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Love it or despise it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you decide to celebrate it or avoid it, below are some game suggestions for both types.

For the lovey doveys

LOVE LETTER – How could I not include this game on this list. The objective of this card game is to woo the princess by using your character’s skill to eliminate the other suitors, or at least outrank them in the end. Gain a token of appreciation if you are able to capture her heart this round. This fast and easy to learn game is ideal with 4, but still fun with 2 players!

ONCE UPON A TIME – What’s more romantic than a fairy tale where the couple can live happily ever after? I mean, that is if you choose to make the story this way. The players create a single fable, trying to steal control of the plot by injecting themselves in when keywords on their cards are said. Try to wrap it up in the name of love! It is Valentine’s Day!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – A great group couple game. The absurdity of pairing up, trying to make the lady in the relationship be the most elegant and glamorous at the ball. Some girls really do love to be showered with gifts (and flaunt it).

For the Valentine’s anarchists

BLOKUS – This competitive game to block your opponent(s) from putting down more pieces than you on the board will sure get the blood boiling (and not in the intimate way)! The frustration. The struggle. The use of Tetris looking blocks. Too busy focusing on winning the game than to think about other stuff you can do with your significant other.

GLOOM – Nothing kills the romantic mood like trying to kill your family in the worst possible way. Your task is to give your family the most depressing ways to depart while sabotaging your opponents family by making them live happy lives. If you find these themes sweet and enticing, you might want to check yourself out.

OPERATION  – Yes, I’m speaking about the kids game. Being under all that pressure, hearing that loud annoying buzz sound really isn’t as soothing to the ears like Barry White’s voice.