So, anybody else super stoked for the Dragons release tomorrow? I know I am, cause you know, Dragons! We got our order in today, we’ve got lots of stock of boosters, fat packs, and intro packs (I’m thinking I’ll get the Black Red Relentless Rush pack, I like the dash keyword, is fun) Hope to see you tomorrow!

A reminder that the Terminal City Tabletop Convention will be starting tomorrow at 9AM!

Games on The Drive will have a table set up starting right at 9AM for both Saturday and Sunday for open board games. We will provide some games, but feel free to bring over others from the game library to play with us. Play with our employees and other game enthusiasts, and find out more about our store right at our table. We’ve also donated gift cards to our store and games as prizes for the event (You’re welcome if you win)!

As per their Twitter account, there are only a few tickets available for Saturday only tickets and full weekend passes left. If you miss out on the online sales, there will be a limited amount of tickets set aside to be purchased at the door. Don’t come too late or you’ll miss out!

Find out more at their official website:

Event Poster

Event Poster

A huge shipment of newly released and back in stock games have arrived here at Games on the Drive, and in keeping with tradition here they are in list form:


  • Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up Expansion – Princess. faeries, and ass-kicking
  • One Night: Ultimate Werewolf – All the fun of the original with less people
  • X-Wing Base Game – Get started with this addictive miniature dog fighting game
  • Talisman: 4th Edition – A new print of this classic fantasy adventure game
  • Letters from Whitechapel – A staff favourite, this game pits detectives against Jack the Ripper in the infamous Whitechapel district of London
  • X-COM: The Board Game – All the fun and intensity of the video game, requires a slick mobile/web app to play
  • Eight Minute Empire – A tiny and fast land acquisition strategy game.
  • Set – Match colours and objects
  • Deck N Tray cases – Keep your Magic or Netrunner card safe and secure along with all your necessary dice and tokens
  • Eclipse – Galaxys-panning strategy game of politics, technology, trade, and war
  • Seasons – A strategic card game of magic and the elements
  • Splendor – Economic card game of gem trading
  • Saboteur – Discover the dwarven traitor in your midst of miners

The owners of Games on The Drive had a lot of fun at last year’s Terminal City Tabletop Convention: walking through prototype alley to see potential up and coming games, watching some of the tournaments, and playing games at their free game library. It was a great experience for all ages and type of boardgamers.

We’re proud to announce that we will be at the Terminal City Tabletop Convention! It will be held at the Bonsor Recreational Complex in Burnaby this coming March 14-15. Although we will not be selling at the convention, stop by our table to play some games, or learn more about our store. We are also a sponsor at the convention and in the midst of discussing possibly hosting an event there and/or prizes that we will be contributing. Look for an update soon for finalized details!

You can see event details and buy tickets at their official website:

Happy gaming and see you guys there!