So Canada does a lot of awesome things, but did you know that we also have a healthy bunch of boardgame designers churning out awesome games? Well, I mean you probably knew that in theory given our relatively large population but I know I’d have been hard pressed to name a single Canadian developer until doing the research for this post! So I’m going to highlight three games you may or may not have known were created by Canadians!
This beautiful game was designed by Christopher Chung, a first time designer from Toronto. Place a lantern tile onto the board and while trying to match colours to earn favour and become the greatest artisan. The combination of tile laying and set collection mechanics is simple to understand but in depth enough to keep you engaged.
Montreal born Eric M. Lang is the designer of this epic Viking themed board game. A wonderfully epic game of battles and glory, the following quote from BoardgameGeek is all you need to know “The only losing strategy in Blood Rage is to shy away from battle and a glorious death!”
Two dudes from Calgary (Gavan Brown and Matt Tolman) made this awesome space mining themed deckbuilder. Now I personally am a sucker for any deck building game, but Super Motherload is top of the heap all the same. The excellent theme and clever use of boards to emulate a side scrolling video game adds to an already fun game.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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